Error to create a build mobile app using google maps api


I tried to create a new version of my mobile app, after add Google Maps API.

I am getting errors while creating new build:

"Error compiling Cordova plugin:

org/apache/cordova/engine/ uses or overrides a deprecated API."


Carlos Giorgi

Hi Carlos,

I just tried a test and was able to generate an app correctly using the Google Mobile component.

I recommend you create a support request for OutSystems to investigate.

Kind regards,


Hi Carlos,

One of your plugin is having some problems, I'm guessing

It could be your plugin that must be updated or the MABS version must be changed probably set to 5.0 

This how you change MABS posted by Cátia in a different post

On Service Center, on the tab 'Native Platforms' of your Application you have the option 'configure', where you can change the version of MABS used to generate the app. It solved a similar problem we had.

If the MABS not showing, the reason is because I still use version 11.0.1x and MABS selector is after this version.

Hope this helps ask if unsure