How to assign default value of an input parameter to a site property

Hi All,

I am trying to set the default value of an input parameter(text type) with the value defined in a site property. Its accepting only text and could not set the value something like Site.propertyname. I thought of having the default value configured in one place (site property) and reuse it in all the places where ever required.



Hi Karthik,

You can't use a site property to set the default value of an input parameter. 

That's why you also can't open the expression editor by double clicking the default value property.



Hi Karthik,

Why not match the input parameter to a site property later. Verify that the text input has the default text value and if so, you equals to the value set in the site property.

PS: In reactive web the use of site properties is a bit different. You can't use it directly on the interface since this runs on the device. To access it you need to fetch it with a Data Action. Click on the block and select "Fetch Data from other sources"

I hope it helps :),

Bello Karthik, 

Default values for Variables can be only literals. 

If you want to use site properties or session variables (traditional web), you need to set their value manually, on the preparation (Traditional Web), being careful if you are using Submit, as its value will be reset, or in one of screen events, if using React. 

Hope this helps.