First of all, is the LDAP extension supported by outsystems ?

Anyway, there i was installing a 3rd application on my client, it was a solution so the LDAP might be different from the one that was already there. However, now when i try to login in ANY application it gives me the following error in 'validateLogin':

"Licensing Error: Cannot perform the operation. The LDAP Integration feature is not licensed in this server. To change the license contract ask your Service Center Administrator."

I reinstalled the old one but the same error occurs. The licence is valid still...

This is urgent since the other two application were already in production.

I already understood the problem: The first two applications were there Before upgrading the platform \ service center to 4.2, so while with 4.1 I could use LDAP at will, this new application will never be valid since we are already using 4.2.

I'm sorry to tell but this ain't very friendly...