Navigation Tabs in Reactive does not work properly when you have Tabs inside another

Hi All,

I'm creating a Navigation Tabs with more tabs inside, but having some navigation issues because the DataTab property no longer exists.

The DataTab property for both the Headers/Content are being generated automatically, but the indexes gets messy when we have tabs inside others tabs.

Is this a known issue? There is a quick way of fixing it? Without setting myself the DataTab via JS.


Hello Claudio,

I noticed that adding a tab inside another tab via drag and drop is not allowed, that in order to do this we need to do additional tricks, I'd say this is a known issue.

As for a workaround, that seems to be difficult since the tab inside the tab isn't properly rendered or something-- my basis is that the onchange event on that tab never triggers.

Really hoping this gets addressed since tab within a tab is a common functionality to a lot of business cases.

Hi Emman,

It make sense if you can't put them drag inside another tab. But as I was testing using webblocks didn't noticed that, because it was something very common.

I hope they fix it quickly.