[Trigger Pipeline] Error when updating pipeline trigger details

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Published on 2019-12-18 by Rui Mendes
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Published on 2019-12-18 by Rui Mendes


we have the Jenkins integration working.

Now I want to more applications to piple line details, but when pressing the save button get the following error message:

In total 30 applications are selected.

Also after the selection the list of applications is doubled, each application is listed multiple times every time pressing save button and getting the error message.

If i add them one by one, I can add up to 27 applications, after that it fails on the save of the trigger pipeline details.



Hi Daniël,

Thanks for the feedback.

This issue is due to a limitation in the data model that has already been identified and will be addressed in a future plugin release.

Best regards,

Rui Mendes