We are just starting to migrate apps to reactive web. I just want to ask how to replace the Preparation especially if the existing preparation does not have any data to fetch from the database (e.g AddFaviconTag or RunJavaScript).

Appreciate any help. Thanks!



Any aggregates you have in a preperation you will have to implementa as data to fetch from database.

All other code in preperation you can implement in a data action.

Javascript you run in a JavaScript widget.

To set FavIcon in reactive web follow instructions in this document:





Hi Ma. Joy,

There's several approaches on how to do it. The direct one is exactly how Daniel suggested! :)

I would however suggest, not to do it in a linear way, but to see this as an opportunity to improve the user experience. This means, that the screens of your app will be presented before the data is ready, so you have to consider blank slates, and breaking data fetch in order to improve it. Also passing data between screens, to improve usage. Otherwise, you'll have a fast app, with slow data, and that's not fantastic for the end user.

This being said, when you break down the experience of the end user, @Daniël approach is the way to go!



Thanks everyone!