How to edit a record

How to edit a record

I know there must be an easy fix that I'm missing but I can't figure it out.

Two Web Screens:
1.) Location
a.) Screen Prep - loads all records from Locations Entity
b.) The Location_Id for each record become a link that has Edit_Location as destination
2.) Edit_Location
a.) Screen Prep - uses the GetForUpdateLocations Entity Action
b.) Web screen has Edit Record Widget set to GetForUpdateLocations.Record as
source record.

When I click on the Location_Id link on the Locations web screen, it goes to the Edit_Location web screen with no problem but it only brings up the first record in the Locations Entity all the time.

My question is - is there a way (by action or by widget property) that will allow me to properly select and populate the correct record I really want to edit and not the first record all the time?

Please help this newbie!


Hi Neal,

Make sure you have an input parameter in your Edit_Location Screen and that the input parameter is provided to the GetForUpdateLocations.

I recommend you check the hands-on lessons on Modules 6 and 7 of the Associate Developer training as they address this issue: 


Thank You! That helped to fix my problem.