[FileSystem] File rights on Linux (Java Stack)?

Forge Component
Published on 2019-02-21 by João Portela
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Published on 2019-02-21 by João Portela


We are attempting to use this Forge component to perform a scheduled clean-up job on our filesystem for old .war files that are being stored indefinitely from personal spaces. 

However, when we attempt to run the job, it is failing because the user executing it does not have the correct rights to the directories. The user 'outsystems' is the owner of the directories and files contained within, and we would like to know if there's a way to execute this as that user. Would running the application as that user work or would that give database access issues?

Also because this is a local user, the Network FileSystem component would not work for us. 

Does anyone have any experience with trying to make this work on a Java stack?

Thanks in advance.