Multiple Entry Point in UI Flow


Outsystems can have multiple entry points in UI flow with IsDefault setting and it will take only one default entry 'Yes', other will automatically set as IsDefault 'No'. 

Then My Question is What is use of Multiple entry point? How multiple entry point works in outsystems.?

Hi Pritam,

Multiple entry point work like where you can go on same page with many point.

Like you have login page then go to home page also you can redirect on home pagw on other points.

also you can use "RedirectToURL"


Rahul Sahu

Kindly share me one example or scenario where we can use it.

Hi Pritan,

Indeed you may create multiple entry points on each UI flow, one per screen and only one has the default per module. An entry point in general, can be used to improve the UX by selecting more user friendly names for the entries than the real screen names. In other hand, the default entry point is starting point of each module, which means if a user types only the domain and the espace name in the URL will land on the screen that the default entry is pointing to.

Entry points are also very useful if you have callback urls or fixed "entry points" (I know, what's in a name) for other applications to enter your application through a hardcoded url. The name of the entry point could forever remain the same, while behind it, the screen it links to could change name or even be replaced while the "consumers" will never know of this.

It also allows you indeed to create more user-friendly urls.

Hi Tim,

totally agree with you, very useful in those cases when you change or replace the screen.