Background color or image for mobile app

How can i change the background color or set an image to my mobile app? y tried to put in the theme css:

body {
   background-image:linear-gradient(rgba(255,255,255,.5), rgba(255,255,255,.5)), url("/TravelUp_APS/img/imagenfondo.PNG"); 


You can check this forum discussion:

You have access to an oml with an application example.

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João Delgado


I guess it should work if:

  • Image was deployed to target directory
  • you correct your css to:


background-image: url('img/Caves.jpg');

background-size:  100%;

    background-attachment:  fixed;

    overflow:  scroll;


If not, check the help here.

If everything fails, you always have the option of creating a container with the image and then in Container Style use position: absolute and a high z-index.

Nuno Verdasca