Mobile- Native Application proxy error

We are running OS 

Version 11.0.542.0

With service center version 11.6.6.   Recently we have started looking into Mobile application development but are running into odd errors.

1.  When we click the Native Platforms tab in Service Center, a proxy error is displayed.   We have had our network team review and they see HTTP and HTTPS passing successfully from my laptop to the server.  

2.   When we try to use a client variable an error is displayed saying our OS version does not support client variables.   We are on version 11 aren't client variables supported for all flavors of version 11?

Any ideas on what to look for here?   I have opened a ticket with OS support, but it typically takes a while to get a response and I'd really like to get moving on my work.

Although this should not be the issue with OutSystems 11, but did you get the response from support (been 3 days)?

No useful response from support yet.   However I imported the .oap from the mobile training into our dev environment and then the native platform tab started appearing for all of the other mobile projects.   (Which seems very odd)

Does this indicate, the issue is with app itself?

Did you try uploading exported on-prem developed app on cloud, if this works there?

I don’t believe so.  There was no logic in the app I had just created an empty screen and published that.   Plus once I published the oap from the training the native platforms option appeared on the original app as well.

Ohh weird.