Balloon widget with top position

Hello everyone,

i'm using the balloon widget in outsystems 10. Anyone one knows why my balloon is appearing on the top side of the object? I tried to change this behavior changing the "side" property in the JS inside the balloon but i was not successful.

Hi Mariana,

I only worked in OS11, therefore I don´t know the widget's difference between version.

In OS11 you have a property that let's you define exactly what you want.

Do you have the option to replace it with a ToolTip? In the Tooltip you can, as well, define the element position. 

Otherwise you can try inspect element and understand the CSS of it and adapt as you wish.

Best regards,

João Delgado

Hello João, Thank you for your reply. In OS10 the balloon widget doesn't have the position as input parameter, but i will try to see the JS in OS11 and change it in OS10.

Sure, use a clone of the OutSystemsUiWeb and see what you can do.

Good Luck!

HI @Mariana Barros

In outsystems 10 you don't have this position setting option

but you can change it in CSS and JS according to you

for example in this function you can modify 

Thank you,