Enterprise Manager Header


I'd like to suggest a change in Enterprise Manager's Header.
The link "Change Password" should only be visible when the user logged in has "Internal Authentication" mode set (or has "Site Default" and the default is "Internal Authentication"). Because it doesn't make sense to "change password" when you are using LDAP validation, or Integrated Authentication).

The link "Logout" should not be visible when the user logged in is using "Integrated Authentication". Because the logout action, in this case, doesn't do anything (it performs a logout and a login again).

Also, together with the Header and Footer, there is another "nice to have" web block. An "Email Header" web block. That is, a copy of the Header, but without any session variables usage and dependency, so that we can use it on email screens. Since the Footer doesn't have session information, there's no need for an "Email Footer".

What do you guys think ?
I remembered something else about this topic.
The USER_MASTER entity is missing an atribute wich is becoming more and more "required" by costumers.
That is a PHOTO of the user.

In a future version of Enterprise Manager could you implement some kind of PHOTO entity with a PhotoId in the USER_MASTER ?