PayPal Sample app showing error on simple payment action.

Hi Folks,

I am going to integrate PayPal in Mobile application.

I have done with Client Id and Secret Id on PayPal developer account and used the same ids in application.

When I run application and tapped on SimplePayment button so there showing error popup without any message. I have checked error on Service Center so there is following error message.

"ReferenceError: PayPalMobile is not defined
    at new Promise (<anonymous>)
    at Controller.e.safeExecuteJSNode (
    at Controller.e.safeExecuteAsyncJSNode (

Please help what should I do next.

Are you using a Forge component to integrate with Paypal? 

If so, I would recommend posting your question to the discussion forum for that component. For example, if you're using the PayPal Mobile plugin, you would post to:

That will ensure that the maintainers of the component are notified of your question, and others who've used the component may also be able to help.