[MSWordUtils] MSWordTableCell.ListItems not displayed

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Published on 2019-11-08 by Stuart Harris
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Published on 2019-11-08 by Stuart Harris

I'm trying to display a bullet list within a table cell in a Word document. The description for the ListItems attribute in MSWordTableCell suggests that if any is specified "a bullet point list will be displayed after the text", but it is not rendering in the document generated.

This is the table in the document. 

This is the relevant portion of the MSWordTable when I break and debug. As seen from above, "RANDOM MODULE" does not appear.

Am I missing any required setting?


It's working now for me. I made a clone of the library and made the following changes.

Seems this was missing in the Forge version (below).


Hi Quentin,

Thank you for some brilliant work; logging a bug and posting the fix for it as well!

Clearly I missed adding he ListItems to the table cell.  I will update the component shortly.

Many thanks and kind regards,


Hello again Quentin,

I have released an update to the MSWordUtils library which fixed the ListItems in a table cell issue.

As you correctly pointed out, I had missed the ListItems and ListType.

I noticed your screenshot does not populate ListType.  This will only affect you if you plan to use the "Number" list type, as "Bullet" is the default.

Kind regards,