Associate Web Developer Certification


I've realized my Associate Web Developer Certification a week ago and I successfully pass. Before it my account had as email my private from gmail, as I moved to a company, I was asked to associate the company email. Now I have the certification done but it doesn't appear in my profile, since the e-mail of the certification was the previous one, before I change the e-mail (to the new one from my company). Every time I tried to login with the previous account they say "Email and/or password invalid.".

I opened a ticket with this problem (ID #2261563), but I'm still waiting for a response. Who should I proceed?


Hi Ana,

As this is a topic that should have been assigned a low priority level, they usually contact up to two weeks. But the subject is never forgotten. Wait a few more days, or try to find out more information for the ticket you opened.

Nuno Verdasca


Hi Ana,

On your community profile there is an option to Migrate Certifications:

Click in your profile on the blue button with the 3 dots shown in the next screen shot, the dropdown menu will be shown.

On the dropdown menu click on Settings, your profile settings will be shown, one of the options is Migrate certifications. If you click on it the next popup will be shown. Fill it in to transfer your certifications.



Hi Daniël Kuhlmann, I actually tried that before, but as I change the e-mail to login instead of merging the accounts, now I have a message that says that "Email and/or password invalid.". I think I will have to wait until someone opens my ticket. 

Thanks :)