What is the limit to show the records in mobile list widget and to store in DB?

Suppose I have only one table in DB at server side. Like Employee (Name, Address)

I want to show all the employee data in list widget at mobile page.

But I have one question that what is the limit to show all employee records like 1K, 10K or what?

also how many records we can save in the database table.

One more thing that will it affect the performance at mobile page to show all the records.

Please help regarding this.

Your query for the Employee list could have set a max record value to load, that would be incremented, each time you reached the bottom of the loaded results' mobile screen.

I believe your main concern in this scenario will be performance and not DB limits.

If you have a large volume of data to fetch and display, you should avoid loading it at all the same time.

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As Samuel said performance will be an issue. One way to overcome that is to add an "On Scroll Ending" to your list. With that action you can get more records every time you are at the bottom of the list. More information can be found on the mobile best practices page.



Hi Manish Kumawat,

  1. 492 attributes in one Entity is perhaps too much. 
  2. Attribute with size 4000 is perhaps too much. 

Hope this link might help you about  Best Practices.