Reactive Web App - Font Awesome

Hi guys,

So I had some troubles with font awesome in a reactive app, and the problem seems kind of dumb so, I think it's best to share.

I had this resource for FontAwesome Pro in a web traditional app and it was working fine. I just imported the resource as font face, as usual, and gave the font-family name "FontAwesome".

But, when I changed my app to a reactive one, the icons wouldn't render well or wouldn't render at all. The FontAwesome in Outsystems, the native one, was overriding mine.

The only thing I had to do was change the font-family name for something other than "FontAwesome". And now it's working!

Thanks for sharing

Thank you for sharing!

Is Font Awesome imported by default for new Reactive Web Apps?

Were you able to identify a system component that was importing this CSS?

If this font-face is loaded by default, it seems a bit unusual not to have it namespaced on the platform, ex. "OS-FontAwesome".