Is it possible to use PhantomJS in outsystems? 

Thanks in Advance


Yes, you could try PhantomJS. If it works to create the right output manually, perhaps you can create an extension to interface with it.
Nuno Verdasca


Extensions are server side logic written in C#, PhantomJS is a javascript library which runs in te browser. So it is unclear to me what you tried to suggest.


Yes you could use PhantomJS with OutSystems, either to extend OutSystems as OutSystems allows you to implement custom javascript logic or integrate 3th party javascript libraries.

You could also use PhantomJS on generated OutSystems applications, as those run in the browser as any other browser based application.

Whether it is smart to use PhantomJS I leave up to you, but be aware that active development on the library by its created is suspended until further notice.