How to customize the display of combo box for each user

Hi All,

I have an entity Usecase with 20 pre-defined records(imported from Excel). Now another entity UsecaseDetails is there where the Usecase entity is being referred.

On the screen , a combo box is there to give user a selection of the 20 use cases. But if user wants to add a custom Usecase that Usecase should be visible in the combo box only for that user. For other users , only those 20 should appear. 

Please Note , I don't have user ID attribute in Usecase entity but it's there in Usecase details entity.

Please let me know how can I implement this ?


You could do it either two ways

1. Create two aggregates and use ListappendAll to make one list with the content of both aggregates. Which then can be the source for the combox

2. Use an Advanced SQL where you use a UNION to add two separate SELECT statements which will then return the combined result of both select stamements.