So, when I'm in the Community home page, I see this:

(I've just taken this screen shot)

Now the post I've highlighted says it has had a reply 1 hour ago, but when I go into it, I see this:

"Posted on 7 Jan"

I'm not sure what timezone OutSystems is in, but I'm pretty sure January 7 wasn't 1 hour ago.

And by "bug", I of course mean "different views on the exact implementation of a feature". :D


Are you sure the comment was not deleted? Because it says it has 2 comments, but I see only one.


It actually had 3 posts, if you count the original post itself.

But as soon as I made my post it vanished.

I'm guessing it was a caching issue, because as soon as I posted something, the cache was purged/refreshed and I now see the latest posts.


(on an unrelated note, the emojis from the Windows 10 emoji "keyboard" -- WinKey + . -- don't work here.)