Does OutSystems support integration with DB2 and how?

Integrating with DB2 can be accomplished through different ways.

Using a standard connector to perform periodic synchronizations:


  • In this scenario you should use IBM’s DB2 Connect and create a custom extension to perform the specific queries you need.

Using a middleware or consuming services:

  • In this scenario you can use a Middleware like ASNA Datagate or similar that exposes APIs to directly connect to DB2 (similar to DB2 Connect but proprietary).
  • The other option is exposing Web Services in the DB2 for consumption.

Nevertheless, if you need integration to read/update several different entities, you can also create a DBLink to DB2 via OBDC, and use Integration Studio to import the needed entities. A caching mechanism should be implemented on the application side so that performance problems don’t arise when accessing DB2.