Re : How to export information for PDF and Office Documents

The OutSystems Agile Platform offer is not only the Agile Platform in itself, but also the whole set of connectors and components that are freely available in the Agile Network TechCenter, among other offers. Having this in mind, there are several available modules for exporting documents and integrating with other systems. As an example, there is a WordMerge Extension for manipulating Word documents and a CSV Extension for CSV format exports.

In the particular case of PDFs, we haven’t made our PDF Extension freely available in the Agile Network TechCenter because it uses proprietary conversion software that requires extra licensing and has its own pricing and distribution rules. Apart the pricing and distributions constrains, building that PDF Extension is a low effort task.

For other file formats, other Extensions are available to download in the Agile Network TechCenter, and if some required file format is not supported by the available Extensions, one can be custom built.

Anyone knows any .NET component to convert Word and HMTL documents to PDF? Anyone has used one of those on any project?


Hi André,

we used this on a recent project.
It was very easy to use. It is a payed solution but you can try it out for free.

best regards,
And about Word Files (.doc) to PDF?


Is this somehow already available? A word to PDF or PDF to word?

Hi Niels,

I'm not sure bringing up a topic from 2009 is a good idea...

In any case, I think you could try the Aspose component. It exists, but it seems to require a license...
I'm not sure he can do PDF to WORD.

There are many solutions in web, some should not be difficult to create an Extension to use. But it seems many of them (if not all), require licenses. 

Eduardo Jauch