Mobile Application "Log Error" not working


I have a mobile application where i use user exceptions to abort some operations. I am running Version

In those cases, i send an error message to the user, so there is no need to log it on the service center error log.

Therefore i am using the "Log Error" variable set to "NO":

Despite the "Log Error" is set to "No", the error message is being logged on the service center, which is not good, because i would like to have the error log only with "real errors".

Is this some kind of bug on the mobile version, where it ignores this "Log Error" setting?

I tried a test case on my personal area, and this issue is not happening. If the property is set to "no" the error is not logged, however, on my customer enterprise environment its ignoring the property.

Anyone can confirm if this is really a bug on a specific version?

Hello Again,

Actually i managed to replicate this on my personal area. This only happens when the exception is thrown on a server action, and the catch is on a client side.

In this situation, it ignores the log error property.

I attach an OML so you can tell me what you think.

Thank you,

Vasco Mendes