Re : Moving from .NET + SQL Server to Java + Oracle

Re : Moving from .NET + SQL Server to Java + Oracle


Dear all,


I'm currently working on migrating an application from .NET + SQL Server to Java + Oracle.


Although most of the things are working out of the box, there are a few glitches in the app which I'll have to sort out.


I'm wondering if you one of you could provide me with some tips on how to systematically do this migration.


Can you help me?



       Pedro Oliveira

Hi Pedro,

I recommend reading of the eSpace conversion to J2EE and ORACLE Cookbook.

The main problem resides in Sql Server specific advanced queries, and that document may help you.
In my opinion the document seems a little outdated, but I will try to revise it in a near future.
Also , hardcoded urls in the application may be a problem, try to find all those .aspx urls, they need to be .jsf.
Hope this helps.
Hi Pedro,

I just want to remind you that, regarding hardcoded URLs, you should use the GetEntryURL function available in the HTTPRequestHandler.xif extension to generate URLs to eSpace entry points independently of the Application Server (Java or .Net).

One thing you must bare in mind is the fact that the URLs in Java are case sensitive (meaning that you could also have problems here - for example http://<server>/servicecenter/ will not work, it must be http://<server>/ServiceCenter/).

Best Regards,

Daniel Lourenço
Any planned date on SQL 2008 support?

Hi Al,


If you install the latest version of the OutSystems Platform Community Edition on a computer with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 installed it will use that version.



Tiago Simoes