Service Studio for 32-bit operating systems

Hi everyone!

Following my previous post "Service Studio for 64-bit operating systems" (, I want to let you know that the Service Studio version released today (11.6.7) is the last one with 32-bit operating systems support.

If you want to keep updating Service Studio and accessing new features, make sure you upgrade to a 64-bit operating system.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Long overdue, I don't think anyone still runs a 32-bit Windows OS anymore (and shouldn't :)). And hopefully the downloadsize of the DevEnv goes down :).

Yes, I'm still using Windows 32-bits version...

Hello Bruno.

You are the second person in 7 months to say that.

Considering the 64 bit is a standard for more than 10 years (in 2001 XP was already available in 64 bits), I'm afraid you have to change your Windows soon.

Is your hardware 32 bits or is it because of legacy?

If you must stick to 32, you can get a compatible Service Studio here. But prepare for it to be unsupported and soon also incompatible.

Thanks for your reply... My main computer is 64 bits, but crash today...

I try install in "old" one - this yes, is 32 bits - to continue my studies...