Multiple column Combobox

Multiple column Combobox

I want to display 2 attributes of an entity in a combobox. For instance ID + " : " + DESCRIPTION , where the ID must be stored in the database.

Is this possible and how?

Greetz, Dick Dokter

Is not possible on the current version of Outsystems to show a combo box with multiple columns, but that will be a good feature for future versions of platform.

Nelson Inácio
You can do this by the following approach.
I am considering your entity as country, with the two attribute ID(integer),CountryName(Text).

Define a structure

str_country with two attribute ID (country identifier), DESCRIPTION (text 100)

Drag and drop the advance query widget in the preparation event, And add the str_country as the
output Structure.

Construct the following SQL statement, And Place it in the SQL TAB of the advance query widget

SELECT ltrim(ID)+':'+ltrim(CountryName) DESCRIPTION ,ID FROM {Country}

Verify and Test. you should not see any errors. Name the Advance Query as AdvQry_Country (Just for Namming)

After this,

you have to set the following values to the combo box properties.

Variable = var_cboval (This variable will be of the type "country identifier")
Source Recordset List = AdvQry_Country
Source Entity / Structure = str_country
Source Attribute = DESCRIPTION
Source Identifier Attribute = ID

After this it becomes like a regular Combo.

you can have your own code to save the selected value in the database

You can do this for any table and bring any combination of attributes
Your SQL Statement should be propositional to the output Structure.

I hope it help's you .

Praburaj Vishvanathan(Prabu)

Thanks for your help.

I used it several times in my eSpace now, with succes.

It works perfect.

Dick Dokter