Advice on Best Way to Structure Application With Multiple Themes


We are in the process of developing a single application that supports our company, the company is made up of 14 divisions each with their own colours / styles

the application is identical for each division and for arguments sake has 10 screens.

ideally the application would be accessed via different urls for each division.

if we created 1 module for each division with the theme set at the module level and 10 screens in each

we would theoretically use 140 AO on a 10 AO application.

could someone suggest an approach that will reduce the AO usage.

The couple of thoughts I had were to put all the screens data on web blocks in 1 module and share them

then have 1 screen in each module and place all the webblocks on the screen within containers and only set the visible when the particular web block was required.

this seems to me to be very awkward and to be honest I'm not sure it would work.

Any tips welcome






Hi, Neal

I had to face a similar challenge recently and the information in this thread was what helped me the most:




Hi Sam,

Thanks for the quick response, I had a look at the thread and found the content to be excellent and solves 95% of my issues, and I'll probably go with that idea