[Wish] New Widget

[Wish] New Widget


With the use of the Style Guide, projects have become more and more standard in design. From this, a new recurrent feature emerged. The MENU !!!! Of course this already existed in the past, but when using the Style guide, we have a flexibility that doesn't require so much "Hard coding".

I think it's justified to ask you for a "Menu Widget", now. With properties like:

- Direction: indicates if it's a horinzontal menu or a vertical menu.

- Menu Type: indicates how the submenus appears on the screen. If it's just "Collapse-Expand", a slide menu or nothing.

- Style: A style property for each part of the menu. The main style, the menu style, the submenus style, etc....

- RecordList Source: A RecordList variable that feeds the widget. The structure of this Record could be:
- Label: the label for the menu
- Link: when the user clicks on the label, the link will execute. If there's no link then the label is not "clickable"
- Can see: This is for permission control. A property that indicates if the user can see the submenu or menu
- Can click: This is for permission control. A property that indicates if the user can click on the submenu

- InFrame: This works much like the Enterprise Manager Control Panel property. It either shows the pages called by the meni in a frame or not.

Well. This is just a rough sketch, but I think you've got the idea. Thoughts on this anyone?
vote +1 for a better Menu widget
The current template menu is very easy to use, however we only can use one menu style, so a more flexible menu is a good idea, votes:3.
Would be great to have a Menu Widget so we can have different layouts and not only the standard one.
We talked here yesterday about this.
I say:
vote +1 for a Menu widget
One more vote...
vote +1
+1 Indeed. The current interface is pretty tedious to use. A menu-widget would improve the useability a lot!
Vote +1!!!
vote +1
And one more!

Is there a list of wishes and possibilities on which we can vote? The way this works now is, that everyone is pro a better menu, but if we can choose, we might prefer something else. Maybe it's allready somewhere that I'm not aware of?
It's funny that such a complex system with very enhanced possibilities is so backwards with a much used thing as a menu, so I definitely vote +1

+1 please! :-)

Maybe while we are working on it we could to a multi-tier menu (rather than just 2) and tree-like menu structures (similar to the Enterprise Manager tree widget).
+1 Vote!!
I like the idea :). vote + 1
It would be great to have the ability to define a menu location, top, left, bottom etc and then within this region have different styles to pick from, windows style, collapsable tree style etc.

Definate +1 here and ASAP please :)

Having said all that can anyone point me to any material covering what is currently capable using the current 5.1 solution as it looks as if its only a 2 level simple menu structure and this wont cut it for me at present?.



Vote +1