Hello im currently creating an app to manage enployees and those have certificates and when im listing i can see their details and their respective certificates , so what i want is to create a certificate while im in the detail block so on click a button turn the "createcertificate" block visible
hahah im sorry for my english 


If i understand correctly your scenario, create boolean variable with default false value, put your WB in container with display property set to the variable or nessesary condition. On click button action add   assignment var = not var.

Also you can put your WB in If widget and refresh it with button.

I assume that the certificates are details of the employee. I am not sure if you have done like this:

This is to assume that the employees has a "list" of certificates under that person. You can have the Visible property of the container of the web block set to Certificate.Empty. This way, if no record is in Certificate, it will show the block otherwise, show something else. Or vice versa depending on what you wanted to happen.

Sorry if this maybe advance for you, let me know if you need to clarify.