I'm trying to change the of two widgets. One checkbox and one radio-button.

When I do it via properties the checked sign does not change its size neither the little point in radio-button.

I just want to make the checkbox to work properly and be smaller at the same time.

Thank you all very much.

You should be able to use CSS styles to change the visual aspects of these widgets.

You can create a named CSS class with a rule like so:

.styledcheckbox {
-- styles here

You can find more information on possible styles for custom checkboxes here:


You can easily find similar resources for styling radio buttons with a google or bing search.

When you have created the style you want for your widgets you can add them to the style sheet for the screen or application by clicking the CSS button above the canvas area in Service Studio, and to apply them to the widget just add the class name to the "Style Classes" property of the target widget.

Hi @Meta3Group

 yes its possible to change, basically you need to over write the default css class, in your case you need to overwrite these two two classes,

For example you can over write same class like this 

I hope this helps you,

Thank you,