Agile Reporting Services™

Agile Reporting Services™


We've just published Agile Reporting Services™ as a component in TechCenter meaning that its release date
is due any time soon.

For those who are not yet aware of Agile Reporting Services™ check out our product description at:

Feel free to contact us for more info or demo requests - or simply drop a question in this topic.

We'll be «Reporting» our progress :)
We have just added a product datasheet to the product page on the Components' Home :

Check it out. :)

We've just added some Screenshots to Agile Reporting Services component.

Curious? Go ahead and take a look :)
Agile greetings!

I'm pleased to announce that a Demo Video (that's right!) has just been added to our component's page.

So if you're wondering "What is Agile Reporting Services?" simply click on the Watch Demo button and check it out.

More to come soon...very soon :)

Best Regards,
Afonso Metello
I can't tell from the demo/sceenshots/datasheet, but do the Report Widgets allow for easy filtering on one or more selectable parameters on screen. For example a Report Widget that shows the total sales for a specific region on the screen, where the region can be selected (f.e. through a dropdown list) by the user visiting the webpage.
Hello Ramon,

Yes it is possible to pass parameters to charts and reports as asked.

Report Viewer and Chart Viewer are standard OutSystems widgets whose parameters can be expressions, variables, etc,
meaning you could have a dropdown list with regions, storing the selected region on a given variable, and referencing that
variable as the Region parameter value.

Feel free to ask any additional questions.

Best Regards,
Afonso Metello
Hello Afonso,

is there an evaluation version available?


Hello Hans,

You can join our ongoing Beta Program due October 31, or wait until November where an evaluation version will be made available.

For more info contact us at

Best Regards,
Afonso Metello