I have a DEV and Production environment. I configured the platform to send emails. The configuration has been working perfectly for a very long time and emails were sent as they were supposed to.

Everything is still working on DEV.

Suddenly I am having problems on Production where emails are mostly not sent and just shows pending on the log. Once in a while an email will actually be sent.  Please see the screenshots from the emails that was sent this morning. I am using the same email addresses and sending from the outsystems platform, yet only one email succeeded.

Any suggestions as to how I can clear the pending emails and get the platform to send  ALL the emails again?


Assuming the email timer is running, then you might check ports on your server to see if any firewall changes have effected it? Otherwise I would try a restart of the server...

It is a cloud server that is managed by OutSystems so firewall changes cannot be the cause and I will need to log a support call to get someone to restart the server. The timer is running. 

All of a sudden all the pending emails of the last few days were sent a few minutes ago without me doing anything or making any changes