Pending Emails


I have a DEV and Production environment. I configured the platform to send emails. The configuration has been working perfectly for a very long time and emails were sent as they were supposed to.

Everything is still working on DEV.

Suddenly I am having problems on Production where emails are mostly not sent and just shows pending on the log. Once in a while an email will actually be sent.  Please see the screenshots from the emails that was sent this morning. I am using the same email addresses and sending from the outsystems platform, yet only one email succeeded.

Any suggestions as to how I can clear the pending emails and get the platform to send  ALL the emails again?


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Assuming the email timer is running, then you might check ports on your server to see if any firewall changes have effected it? Otherwise I would try a restart of the server...

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It is a cloud server that is managed by OutSystems so firewall changes cannot be the cause and I will need to log a support call to get someone to restart the server. The timer is running. 

All of a sudden all the pending emails of the last few days were sent a few minutes ago without me doing anything or making any changes 

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It's an old post (apologies) but it was the virtually the same issue I have just experienced. After publishing a new version (with a trivial change) of a previously working "send email" module, all my new emails were stuck at "pending" on both non-production and production. Dev was working fine with the same code. 

The resolution was provided by Outsystems Support. The module I use to send emails had to be republished (with no changes). Somehow a "behind the scenes" flag was missing and they don't know why (yet). 

In Service Center go to factory, modules, <your module that sends the emails> and then hit "Redeploy published modules". All my emails stuck at pending were immediately sent much to my relief.