NFC Plugin working in Outsystems Now?

I'm on Outsystems 11.6.7, and I test on an Android tablet using Outsystems Now,

I've a small test application that uses the NFC Plugin, but it doesn't seem to react when I scan a tag. If I bring a tag near the reader, it is detected (two other applications on the tablet show up, ready to handle the tag), but my own test application doesn't react.

Could it be that this type of native device won't work under Outsystems Now? 


Serge A.

Hello Serge,

With Mobile Apps, OutSystems is currently targeting iOS and Android. Also, the NFC is not a supported OutSystems Plugin, which means that even if OutSystemsNow was available on Windows you wouldn't be able to use NFS in it.

However, you do have the option to download the source code (it's open source) and use a customized version of OutSystems Now. Keep in mind that you have to create a web responsive app.

But you can try just do these steps ( I had the same issue with another plugin)

  •  Remove Common Plugin from your Service Studio
  •  Then install again from the Forge
  •  Add the dependency to your Consumer modules
  •  Publish the consumer module

or else try this

  • open common plugin, refresh the dependency and publish again (I'm not sure this will work), just give a try :) 

Nuno Verdasca

Thanks for the reply; I will try what you suggested with the common plugin and I will come back to you with the results.

Regarding the first part of your answer, not sure I understand. Maybe my initial post was not clear about this, but the tablet on which I am currently testing the NFC plugin with OutsystemsNow is an Android one, not a Windows one. 

Thanks again,

Serge A.