How to insert data from another table to the User table

This is what I did

But I encountered the error above. How do you solve it or is there another way of inserting data from my own user table (which is user2) into the Outsystems User Table?

You can not mix between Platform Database table and External Table.

To work around, create a job that read the Platform table and write to external table A and then do query between external tables. 

To manipulate correctly Users:


As mentioned, it is not possible to execute queries that mix entities from different databases. 

If you want to import data from an external entity into an outsystems Entity, using OutSystems, you have to do it one record at a time. 

In an action, fetch data from the external table with an aggregate and insert it into the OutSystems table. If the structures do not match you will have to process the data somehow. 

In case your, if your external users has passwords and the hash method does not match the method used in the platform, you may need to fix it.