Reactive Web, Application Request Time Out

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I am still confusing. when web reactive is using asynchronous method, the client action calls the server action asynchronously. When the server action takes long time, is there still application request timeout?

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Hello IBOX, 

A call to a server action from a client action is not asynchronous. The execution of the client action will wait to the server call to return an answer before resuming execution. 


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However in here, it is said:
Asynchronism in server communication keeps your apps always responsive. For example, while an app is executing a server-side action, it continues to run and respond to user input in the browser.


In that article it is also said that server action is called using REST API. How comes it is asynchronous?



Because the client action and the interface works asynchronously. That's the reason why the change of a variable in the client action makes the interface respond automatically while the action is still running. 

But in the client action, when you call a server action, the execution must wait for the server action to finish its execution before resuming, or you would never be able to use its reaponse on the next node. 



1. It is asynchronous between client action and interface

2. it is synchronous between client action and server action

Is it? 

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Afaik, yes :) 

Ok, thank you Sir