I am new to Outsystems  and I am having trouble with using Entitys id using other Ids.

What I want to do: 

I have a Entity-A, Which uses the UserId to look which projects the user has made so far. When clicked on the project of choice Entity-B opens and list the Project of the selected Project(Entity-A)

My Question is: 

How can I link Entity-A to Entity-B so only the right project are shown? 

Thank you in advance!

What do you mean link? What is the end goal of this?

Based on what I understand, you have a list of projects and a user can get a project and then a status to tag if it is completed or not.

Let us know what is the exact thing you wanted to do. Or can you share the OML?



Thank you for the reply

ok Im working on an worldbuilding app. What I want to archieve is that the user can make a new project by clicking  + icon at the project screen(default screen). You can make mutiple project and they will be displayed in a list.
When you click on one of the projects you will go to a second screen with the name Characters. here you can use the same method with the + icon te make a character that will be displayed with a list on that screen. 

but the characters there are only linked on the project where you clicked on. They must not be displayed at the other project. so I cant use the userId for that. 

My problem is that i cant seem to use the project id for that because Outsystems dont reconize it.
I also attached the OML It uses 2 modules

Hi Mel,

Since each user can create multiple projects and each project has multiple characters, you can create the data model like this. I removed the karakterid from project entity. Make this change and check. You should then be able to create multiple Karakters for a project.

Hi Ravi,

Thank you so much for you reply but i still just dont understand. i am really new and cant seem to get to that diagram. I tried to link the project to the ID but i cant still see it.
I attached what  got now. the errors are gone and i joined it like Juan posted before. but i can still not see the characters

Can you maybe link the project back so i can see what you did?

sorry for your trouble 

Hi Mel,

Pardon that I am not really into mobile dev of outsystems but i'll try to answer your question

On this query, you didn't pass what project you are looking at to see what characters you wanted to show. Try to pass the project Id so you can call the project and show the characters like what you did in the KaraktersDetail screen (you passed the KarakterId).

Your query is correct. The filter is not. You'll use the parameter project id to filter the above query.