Anyextension or component to support similiar functions like "websocket" or "Push"

outsystems version: 10

currently, we have a nodejs web socket server to support those subscription and push event, we want to find out some similar functions inside outsystems which is not open source.

the usage is as below: 

 1. user logins to outsystems and has an unique id to identify,  will communicate with nodejs socket server to subscibe some services

 2. external systems can capture this user based on this unique ID

 3.   external system calls socket server's API 

 4. socket server transfer the API output to corresponding user based unique id.

just want to know, is anything available in outsytems 10 which can replace above node js server?


Hi RunAwayAfterDropDatabase,

As far as I'm aware, if you want to use Web Sockets you will need to have some other server/application listening for connections, you will not be able to use the OutSystems Platform for it, as the platform relies on HTTP/S and not the WebSocket protocol for its functionality.

You do have Push Notification support via Firebase though (Traditional Web and Reactive)

Hope this helps!