Can I set up a second "On click" Destination for My graph?


I am updating a graph based on my "Ondatechange" screen action, so depending on the date range the user has selected. 

I would also like to to update my graph based on specific values that a user will select from a list. So for intance the user will select 3 values and my graph will only demonstrate date range selected for only these 3 values from my list.

At the moment on my grapg I only have the "Ondatechange" how do I add "Onlistselect"??

I am not clear about your question but what I understand you have filter for date and some list and you wants to apply these two filters on graph.

Can't you just add onlistchange in list filter onchange and refresh your graph


thank you for your reply.

sorry I wasn't clear on my Initial request.

What I try to achieve is:

1. Update my graph when user selecting a date range from the UI "OnDateChange" screen action

2. Also Update my graph when user is selection Hauliers from a List "OnHaulierSelect"
screen action. So that will be a check box against each Haulier (of my list) and when the user is selecting to show only 3 Hauliers for example (click on the check box of the Hauliers) then the graph will update accordingly.

Hope that makes sense.

Thank you

Hi Anastasios Dimou,

you can apply your onHaulierSelect screen action in destination of checkbox onchange.