Auzre AD Mobile app login issue.

Hi Folks,

I am implementing Azure AD SAML 2.0  SSO in mobile app using IdP Connector.Here the issue is token is not getting i.e. in following line

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Replace(Substr(evt_url, Index(evt_url, "token="), Length(evt_url)), "token=", "")

in the method InAppBrowserOnLoadStart in IdPMobile Connector.

Referring  the following link to implement SAML 2.0 SSO with Azure AD:

Kindly let me know how to resolve this.


I have done with complete configuration set up. 

In mobile device, Microsoft login page is opened and after submitting username and password Microsoft login page navigate to https://<server_name/IdP/SSO.aspx> and in response of that shown following message


So what could be the issue?

Please help to resolve Azure AD SAML SSO for mobile.



Hi Folks,

I have success fully implement Azure AD SAML SSO for mobile application using IdP and IdP Mobile.

Simple changes need to done here, please see below the changes had done 

1.  Extended the text length attributes of the following Idp module entities:

- SamlMessage_Log

- MobileToken

2. User_Check Action: Trimmed and performed a Substring for the text attributes of the User entity with attribute length.