Hi there, i am wondering where after publishing a component, the preview URL we supply locates in forge?

thank you

Hello IBOX. 

The preview URL must be set to an URL where there is an application showing the use of the component. 

So, it does not live in the Forge. It is the component owner responsibility to provide a working example the users can go and see the component in action. 



It us usually the url of an application in the personal environment of the owner. 

Thank you Sir,

But when we go to forge, where we can find the URL?

Also, i am wondering where the upload demo (suppose i put an oml file) in the forge?

I go to the preview (before publishing), but can not find them.



The Preview URL is in the TRY NOW and it is shown up after publishing,

and the demo is still a mistery - but it is in a download button.