How to display data with different IDs from list widget to another screen

How do I display the data from the list widget into another screen? Right now, I am only able to display the first set of data but subsequently, it will still only show the first data and not the rest.

When the button for Dog or test is clicked, it will still display data from Joker.

Hello Hamzah,

I am confused with your question, do you mean to say you need a Detail screen for each item in the list?

- Emman

Hello Hamzah,

I am confused too)

Maybe you need screen input parameter to pass data.


Can you send a screenshot of your logic?

Hello Hamzah,

In the destination screen, you need an Input Parameter with the same type of your entity identifier (let's say, for example, ProductId, if your entity is called product.

In the preparation of this screen, you filter your aggregate (the one where you are fetching data of your product) by this input parameter Id, e.g.: Product.Id = ProductId.

Now, in the button, you set the value of the parameter. For example, TableProducts.List.Current.ProductId

Just to tell that I am assuming your table is called TableProducts and your entity is called Product. Change for the correct names of your table and entities.

Hope this helps.



To complete the information from Eduardo with an example from the outsystems exercice, in this example you have a link but the idea it's same with button.





5) And in the detail screen just need show information from this aggregate. Attention, this is an example, to try help you.

Nuno Verdasca