Runtime Path of Outsystems Platform Server

How can I know the runtime path of Outsystems Platform Server?

I need to generate log file from C# Code, and this file should be created on the Server, but it only works when I test it in and Advanced Query, but it doens't work at the run time when I execute the same query, does anyone has any idea about it?

or How can I find a documentation for that?

Can you clarify it in more detail?

If I am not wrong you want to write a code in C# to store log report. If you want to do it you can able to create an extension by using C# and can able to use it in the server action or screen action where ever you need. Also before that, you can use the SQL editor widget to run SQL command and can able to get the output to use it in the extension function as an Input Parameter.

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Hi Mohamed,

You can use forge component of "File System". here is some actions which provide run time path of directory.

also see below link, for more details


Rahul Sahu