Using Active Directory for my e-space

I am setting up my first real project and really looking forward in going beyond the exercises! But being new, i still stumble on things. In this application we want to use the Active Directory.
I found a short instruction video (YEH!) where is explained that in the Enterprise Manager you can choose to use LDAP. You can choose that in tab: advanced>usermanagement>authentication. There you can also give the name of your domain. So far, so good!

I opened our Enterprisemanager, to discover that we don’t have the authentication tab… mmm....
Then I asked a nice outsystem co-worker, who kindly answered my questions while enjoying his holidays, and he said he wasn’t aware of this, but said that The hostname and domain are configured as site properties.
"So you do that in Service Centre and you put integrated security on the flows in Studio?"- Yes
So I looked in the Service center but couldn’t find this properties… makes sense to me, since I would have seen those side properties in my e-space, together with the applicationname, etc.- some how we misunderstood eachother.
..I suppose i really need my auntentication tab! who can help me out,?

Still, this authentication leaves me with questions. What happens when you use the ActiveDirectory?
I imagine I start my application and I don’t have to login since I was already authenticated. But since role management happens in Enterprise Manager, I should exist in USER_MASTER.

From what I understood -after selecting LDAP in my imaginairy tab-, I would be able to use the customer_template, and select integrated security on the flows and EM will take care of looking me up or adding me in the USER_MASTER table and uses this to automatically log me in. Is this an accurate description of what happens?
I suddenly realize that this probably will not be enough since you need admin permission or CustomerView/edit permission for the incoming screen and when I am newly added, I don’t have any specific permissions or admin role by default, - but suppose I had been so wise to make an entrypoint were being registered would be enough?

I have read in the forum about some scenario’s for using Active directory. Some are from 2004 which can be confusing…. For me it is not clear what is still accurate and what is not.
Please Outsystems, make a complete video of a practical realistic situation for the current platform and show what will happen, that will answer a lot of questions. SO:Not only: choose this option, but also what the system will do for you and what you should do your self, since I can’t find any documentation about this.

Still looking forward in doing the project with outsystems! Don't worry! :)

 Hi Petra,


This is normally done using Enterprise Manager.


You will find additional information in Enterprise Manager's technical note here!.