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I'm using content tabs widget to display data of different status,However i need to show active tab in different way as shown below :

i'm able to achieve as shown below:

Can anyone help me on this

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You can copy the classes from the outysystem web UI theme and then alter it at your own theme, with this the "lower level" of the css will overcome the main theme and adapt the tabs the way you want.

Other possibility is to clone the tabs and fully change it, CSS included.

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Hi Gandeev b,

You recommend that you try to edit the stylo from the google chrome, dev tools then pass those edited css to the screen or block that belongs.


I leave you an example.



Check if this prints can help you.

Click inspect over the element you want to change to see which class it has.

Go to your page where you want to edit the style, remember that this will only affect the Tabs you have in this screen.

Add the style you need. Here I just give an example, I want the border bottom to be red with a white background for the Active Tab

After publishing you can see that the new code overwrote the existing CSS:

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Please check Sumeiya´s answer, it has what you were asking for, you just need to follow those steps.

Have fun mate ;)

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Great contribution Sumeiya!