8 Steps to Evaluate the OutSystems Platform for IT people

8 Steps to Evaluate the OutSystems Platform for IT people


In the present information age, customers want to have all the information available and at a click distance to make more informed decisions. OutSystems allows just that by having all the self service mechanisms for IT people to evaluate the OutSystems Platform in an agile way.

1. Check OutSystems Product Information Page and Features
Evaluate all the product and features in a single place. For more information you can also download the following files:
    • Agile Platform Overview
    • Agile Platform Technical Tour
    • Agile Platform Business Tour

2. See the OutSystems Platform in action
In OutSystems Evaluation Center you have lots of small demos and documents that detail usual needs of Web Business Development and Management, using Agile Methodologies.
    • Agile Platform Tour

3. Search the Knowledge Base
In the Evaluation Center you can search our comprehensive Knowledge Base to further detail your questions and evaluate the platform.

4. Use the TechCenter to answer your questions
In the OutSystems TechCenter you can access forums that have more information on the OutSystems offer. You can post your comments and questions for our Community and Agile Professionals to answer.

5. Check the out-of-the-box Components
In the OutSystems TechCenter you can download dozens of components that were created by OutSystems and our Partners. Using these accelerators you can benefit from simple widgets to complex business components to boost your project needs.

6. Download the Community Edition and create your first app
If you want to use and test the Agile Platform, just download the free community edition and start building your first app in minutes. This is the platform, ready to install, with online tutorials for your self evaluation and use.

7. Online Training & Certification for Agile Professionals
To complement your evaluation, the online training provides webinar-like classes and certification for the first levels of the OutSystems platform. With these quick trainings you can start creating your first applications from scratch or reuse existing components.

8. See live applications and consult the case studies
OutSystems has more than 120 customers in 16 industries. You can consult various case studies online. Two examples of live applications are www.fly.com and www.okteleseguro.pt. Read about them in the case studies.

If you want to know more or have any questions during the evaluation please feel free to contact us or post in this forum!