New Guided Path: Becoming an OutSystems Business Analyst


With our ongoing effort to help the community learn and grow by creating new documentation and training paths, I’m excited to announce that early this month we released a new guided path for becoming a Business Analyst in OutSystems projects. It was built for Business Analysts who are just getting started or want to improve their performance in OutSystems projects. 

The training courses in the guided path will provide a deeper understanding of how an OutSystems project works, its lifecycle, and all the steps and roles involved, including the Business Analyst. 

The path starts with a couple of introductory courses but, right after that, it dives into the core content, which covers:

  • The Business Vision
  • The Project Initiation
  • Gathering Requirements into User Stories
  • The Project Iterations
  • The Solution Release

If you or a colleague are interested in the field, we’d love for you to get started on the guided path.

We want your feedback!

If you have feedback about this new training path, please send us an email (it can be short!) to

Let us know how you rate the path from 0 (zero) to 5 (five) stars.

And, if you have some more time, tells us also about:

  • What you liked the most

  • What you would like to see improved

It would be great to hear from you!

Have fun!


Course contents looks well thought, but also overlapped with other lerning goals.

Swatantra Kumar wrote:

Course contents looks well thought, but also overlapped with other lerning goals.

Hi Swatantra!

Thanks for the feedback!

Can I ask you to tell a bit more about the goals you felt that were overlapped?

That would help us a lot to improve the experience.

Thank you!


Is there going to be certification for this?

nice news, thank you for your share!