How to Manage your Users Application Access on our Cloud Environment

As part of recent improvements, you may now configure and reset your Users App Admin credentials on your OutSystems Cloud environments.

In the past, this was only possible if your environments were hosted on an on-premises infrastructure, by following the steps described on our Resetting the admin password for IT users and end-users article.


However, with a Cloud-based infrastructure, you would need to reach out to OutSystems Technical Support to reset Users Application Admin credentials. The good news is, this can now be done in self-service.


For those who might still be somewhat unfamiliar with the Users Application, this is the tool you use to create, update and delete the end-users (users of your applications) and manage their roles. You can access it at http://<environment address>/Users.

You need an account with administrator privileges to first log into the Users application. Bear in mind that this is not the same account you would use to connect to Service Center, Lifetime or Service Studio, as these are IT Users accounts.

How do I configure the access to the Users Application?

Before accessing the Users application for the first time, you must configure the Administrator user in Service Center.

What if I need to reset it?

Well, since you were able to configure it for the first time, you will also be able to change it, by following those same exact steps. Only this time, the following message will be displayed

Remember that Administrator privileges are required to perform such changes. Should you require help with your Admin credentials, please contact OutSystems technical support.

Good improvement. Making everything more frendlly.

Great improvement, simple but effective