Can OutSystems trigger mail when Monitoring Timers get errors

We are facing connectivity issue due to this scheduled timers getting failed. When users report us that they are having some issue then we have to go and check if there is any failure which take much time.

Can we have email trigger automatically when there is error in ServiceCenter => Monitoring => Timers.

Is this functionality built-in available in OutSystems? if no then how we can implement same ?

Your urgent help highly appreciate!



Hi Sopan,

What you need to do is handle errors on your timers. Catch the error and send an email with the failure information.

This is also a good article about safe timers.



Hi Marcelo,

Thanks for quick and helpful response. Actually its very complex job to keep timers's execution status monitoring by login into portal and check. Instead i was trying to check that if OutSystems having built in feature which will trigger an email when any timers get failed by any reason.

If its there then please let me know how i can use/activate. refer attached image for timer error details

Hello Sopan

Afaik, no. There is not built-in feature to receive mails when an error happens. 

You probably can develop an application to do this, one way or another, but the best is always handling errors in code, like Marcelo pointed.