Common and Layouts UI flow not showing

I created a Reactive Web App. In the first Reactive Web App module, both Common and Layouts UI flows are there.

However, when I try to create the second Ractive Web App module, these two UI Flows are not included, causing compiling error.

The purpose I do this is because I want these 2 app to share the same Entity library. In fact, the first module is client portal, and the second module is admin dashboard.


If you unmark the first one as Hoe (so, you have no "home" modules in your application, the second one, when created, will be a full module.

But the second module you have, even if it is not a "full module", it has references to the required elements from the First Home module (like the Theme, Common flow, etc.).

So, it shouldn't give you an error.

Could you tell what error is it giving?


P.S. If you want to do two applications sharing the same core, I would create three applications, one to hold your core (entities), and the other two separated applications that reference the core application module(s).


Thanks Eduardo, probably that's good idea to create the core as separate application then.

In terms of architecture, yes, if you will have two different applications using the same core, it makes sense.

If you don't want two different applications, but just one application with two different end-user modules, that share the same template and style sheet, then you probably want a "theme" module, that is the first, and that the other two inherits.

There are many different patterns in terms of application architecture that you could use.



The application will not show itself. In the Manage Dependencies, you see only modules.
But the modules appear ONLY if they have at least ONE Public element.

So, if you have a module, publish it, but it does not have any public element in it, it will not show up in the Manage Dependencies dialog.